Label: Slow Motion
Format: Vinyl, 12″, 33 RPM
Release: 2022
Genre: , , ,

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Something very special here with Slow Motion’s 48th release. Recorded while experimenting with gear at CIMM studios (Venice Biennale’s centre for computer music which Bottin co-designed in 2019), EYE-BM is a joint release between two of our heaviest hitters: hairy Fabrizio Mammarella and baldie Bottin. EYE-BM is three tracks of sinister music, sweaty electro with tinges of cyberpunky EBM and New Beat. The icing on the cake is the euphoric remix from Italian synth wave pioneer Alexander Robotnick. The acidic and jacking flavour might as well be the sound of your mind and body losing it on the dancefloor or missing your stop on the ass-bahn. Turn the dial up to 11. Or 12.
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