Marcel De Sie - UMA EP

Label: Rababoo Records
Format: Vinyl, 12″, 33 RPM
Release: 2022
Genre: , ,

New Swiss label Rababoo is proud to present his first release: Marcel de Sie! Oscillating between melodic industrial and shaky psychedelic music, Mr. de Sie overcomes his first 3 tracks with a static approach of electronic low drifts ? in that sense, we decided to call it a soundtrack ?to schuss”, in dedication to all our skiing friends from here and there. The First 2 tracks, ?Filter Seq” and ?Mezzo FM” pitch the tone of the EP and are built as explorations of dance floor narratives, with the purpose to generate a wave state of mind through a real sound experience. While the first track is a relentless techno?d filter-driven smasher which immediately bleeps your mind and floods it with sound, the second track unleashes a cascade of sounds that bring any lost hiker and drive him into a shamanic waltz in the mountain.
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