ButterBandz – King Heroin EP

Label: 7 Days Entertainment
Format: Vinyl, 12″, 33 RPM
Release: 2022
Genre: ,

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Butterbandz returns with another absolute BANGER of an EP ‘King Heroin’. This is his second EP on the 7 Days Entertainment imprint and he is serving up some DOPE tracks. From start to finish you’ll be sure to find a groove you’ll enjoy. ‘Prometheus’ starts off the EP with an energetic techno track. It’s got a punchy synth over a sub bass with dreamy synth chords and some rockin’ drum programming. The second track ‘Get Down’ is simple yet effective. It’s got that Detroit feel that we all love and enjoy. Not really structured, kind of just flowing. The drums are knocking and the hi- hats are keeping up that energy. It’s a got a rough rugged bass paired with a synth that carries feelings of deep rage and clarity. Tying it all together is the vocal sample. For the title track ‘King Heroin’ Butterbandz teams with his older brother Generation Next to create this gem. It’s got some deep emotion but it will make you move nonetheless. Excellent high energy drum programming, distance reverbed synth pad, catchy piano pattern, in your face lead synth, and a off putting sub bass. These two artists make a dynamic duo. Lastly is ‘OD Soundtrack’ tying together a hard hitting EP with a little laid back tune to take you to a higher more peaceful place. The synth pad carries that smooth calm sound and then the kick is in your face out the gate. It’s got some airy flutes and grooving lead synth. This EP is going to be a staple in the growing legend of Butterbandz.
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