Jamie Leather - Universal Space Ride EP

Label: Subsequent
Format: Vinyl, 12″, 33 RPM
Release: 2022
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SUB/014 comes from one of Voigtmann’s English wunderkinds – JAMIE LEATHER. Jamie has a wonderful way of weaving melodies into his creations creating sophisticated yet club ready tracks that have been tried by Claus and tested at many occasions during his tours. ‘A1 – Universal Space Ride’ delivers a monster, a driving club cut that meanders within light and darkness and will get bodies moving on the floor. ‘A2 – Tokyo Crossing’ comes in hot with references to Japanese quirkiness, big drums, big bassline and a wonderful atmosphere throughout the cut. ‘B1 – Hausa Boogie’ is a deeper meditative track that floats along with the special ‘Jamie Leather classiness’. ‘B2 – Control’ is the icing on the cake and delivers a wonderful, floaty downtempo track. A special EP.
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