Pan-J, Roma Khropko - The Nutritionist’s Guide to the Galaxy Vol. I EP

Label: Quinoa Cuts
Format: Vinyl, 12″, 33 RPM
Release: 2022

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“Quinoa Experience, the Madrid based collective, is eager to unveil the long-anticipated first release of their new label – Quinoa Cuts – entitled “The Nutritionist’s Guide to the Galaxy, Vol. I”. The intention behind the split E.P. is to produce a versatile, nutritious and invigorating record through the juxtaposition of the two sides. On the A we find a ‘’Vitamin’’ side, where fresh, subtle and deep grooves will stimulate the listeners’ appetite to get them levitating, introspectively. While the B-side, the ‘’Protein’’, is best saved for climatic dancefloor moments and muscle-building workouts. Emerging from Tunisia, Pan-J serves us the vitamin supplements. Solid and funked-up basslines with hefty doses of swing amount to sunny and radiant minimal house productions. Colorful and engaging, his tracks will dissipate all traces of fatigue from your body. Two ritual-ready tunes with a proggy approach that don’t neglect moments of suspense. Flip it and we find the protein powders by a Ukrainian artist, Co-founder of Criminal Practice and one of the key players at Closer Kiev, Roma Khropko. His side speeds ahead with playful organ chords, subversive solar rave fits with killer samples, sweeping percussion shifts and delightful switch-ups that send the record straight into orbit.”
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