Various Artists – OTIS, DAWL, LUCIO, MASI

Label: Ami records
Format: Vinyl, 12″, 33 RPM
Release: 2023
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For the second release of the label we’ve invited Various Artists. A1 is done by Italian artist Lucio who delivers a peak time track with a nasty sub bass, spacey synths and a raw snare groove. A2 is filled in by the creators of the first release, MASI. The brothers deliver a track which is a blend of subgenres that will be noticeable on the dancefloor. B1 is made by Otis. The Berlin based artist delivers an old school electro influenced track blend with synth pop melodies. B2 is created by DAWL. A true old school 2-step electro track complimented with spacey synths.
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