Various Artists – Semimajor Axis

Label: Visolux
Format: Vinyl, 12″, 33 RPM
Release: 2022
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It started as a little science fiction story where Kepler-129, a hot star located about 1200 light-years away from our Solar System, became the living environment of peculiar creatures, passionate about music, throwing parties to overcome their tedious routine. Eventually, this story mirrors what Kepler-129 has grown to be: a concept of round-the-clock parties in unusual settings, simultaneously inspired by the rave culture and the cosier approach of small selectors clubs. What the science-fiction story did not predict, however, is the Visolux project. Parties don’t last, printed music does. Surrounded by talented and nerdy friends from both real life and the Internet, much keener to work out drums and machines than launching a start-up, we joined forces to craft a various EP that would echo our Kepler adventures.
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