Label: LOFT
Format: Vinyl, 12″, 33 RPM
Release: 2023

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Yuri Ruggieri aka Yu is a DJ Producer of electronic techno music born in Pescara in 1989. After a long period of experimentation in the field of electronics, publishing projects he joined the French label Binary, reflecting his true sound. On January 13, the artist released the Contest track, the result of experimentation and research dominated by kicks and strong bass accompanied by hypnotic and captivating sounds. Yu loves to experience sound in all its particularities by absorbing the influences from old vinyls and drawing inspiration from the great artists of the current music scene and translating all his research and academic career into the Recreative school in Milan. His productions are magnetic and pungent creating sound balances, however he is not limited only to techno music but instead combines disco, progressive, ebm and house thus managing to create a specific and peculiar sound.
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