Phase O’Matic – LFR002

Label: Lifewater
Format: Vinyl, 12″, 33 RPM
Release: 2023
Genre: ,
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Phase O’ Matic, an eccentric treasure hunter, ventures to the Parcel Islands after hearing about Erik and Huber’s psychedelic antics. Intrigued by tales of a telepathic shark guarding a hallucinogenic treasure (Shadowfin), he dives deep into the South China Sea wearing his signature glowing shark tooth necklace. Amidst swirling colors and cosmic jellyfish, Phase communicates telepathically with the school of sharks and ends up locating something he did not expect to find: hundreds of aged vials labelled ‘Acid Lean’. Phase O’ Matic quickly realized that the ‘Acid Lean’ vials were the very eau de vie Serb and Paramedic initially sought. He decides to deliver the treasure to Qassem Acidmani himself, hoping to claim the elusive reward promised by Gandalf OG…
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