Eric OS - Spellbound EP

Label: Eya
Format: Vinyl, 12″, 33 RPM
Release: 2022
Genre: ,
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EYA Records further stretches its stellar run of showcasing young, cutting-edge talent for their latest label outing, and continues to shape modern influential club sounds with Swedish-based newcomer, Eric OS. Delivering red-hot, futuristic progressive rhythms with a sleek and propulsive melodic flair, this is a first-class statement selection of impressively mature and vibrant sounds, for only his second fully-fledged EP. The title track “Spellbound” dispatches shadowy, hypnotic fairground melodies, and hints of 80’s synth-pop stylings, with a wicked, pulsating, electrified energy aimed squarely at serious dancefloors. “The Machine” brings a more introspective moment on A2; with crunchier drums and crystalline deep electro motifs, full of rich, inviting moods. On the other side “Closer” is a clubby, amped-up bass driver, with layers of bouncing peak time sounds, melted vocal snippets and intoxicating organs. And B2 “Maraton” stylishly rounds off the EP with haunting call-and-response synth lines, for a blissed-out early morning afterparty feel. Expertly intelligent dancefloor electronics. With a firm finger on the pulse yet again from London-based EYA Records, Eric OS treats us to a notably strong debut offering of imposing, smart and robust club music. Don’t miss it!
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