Various Artists – Hyper Love II

Label: Tofistock
Format: Vinyl, 12″, 33 RPM
Release: 2023
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The glimmer in our eyes gallops as a wild stallion toward infinity, and in a screaming silence, wears the cape of innocent understanding. Our love is grave danger, which doesn’t shy away from its fate. There is nothing to be afraid of tonight. Love is the bastard child of the Heavens and the pits of Hell, it encompasses the entirety of human suffering. what if we isolate it to a singular moment? Quick and wonderful moments, without trying to hold on to it and wanting it to stay forever? Between the concrete to the woods to the sea We will be quiet until we understand That this, this is momentary and unfathomable We will take this in, with a deep breath Until we plunge in and scatter For out of particles wast thou taken and unto particles shalt thou return Walking the line drawn exactly between chaos and symbiotic harmony.
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